The guy code on dating tips on dating a shy guy

A man may interpret it as "don't hurt me" or even "you're trapped." Men see the love from a woman as more of a commodity than something novel.

Of course, the words make him feel good when he hears them, but they don't sing to his soul.

He needs to know that you'll stand up for him when others say bad things about him.

He needs to know that you'll confront any injustices or problems head on.

What you have to do is learn how to crack his commitment code.

Easier said than done, of course, considering the average man isn't great at communicating his emotional needs. Here are five things guys (won't tell you they) need One of the keys to learning how to make your man happy is basic, animalistic desire.

And behind curtain #2 is the type who's labeled as a "commitment-phobe" — he doesn't appear to enjoy being in a relationship, acting as if his commitment is of the involuntary kind.

But while most women think that the second type of guy is in the majority, statistics actually say otherwise.

The way you create this tension is through your sexuality — tease him and then give in, playfully run from him and then allow him to capture you, add levity and spontaneity to his life, give him lustful stares and then leave the room, send him sexy notes during the day, grab him and kiss him unexpectedly.

Respect can help re-ignite a relationship long after the flame of love and lust has sputtered.

Many men marry the woman who respects him, even over the woman who loves him.

He'll commit because he doesn't want to risk losing her.

Related: 26 Sexy Things To Say That Will Make Someone Want You IMMEDIATELYSo, now we know commitment isn't some sort of man allergy.

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