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In an interview in the Nigerian newspaper The Vanguard, Afrocandy said, "The only request I have to anybody who calls me a porn star is that they should please show me any porn movie I've done before, because I haven't seen my porn before." Fast-forward a couple of years and Afrocandy can actually now claim the 'porn star' label.

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We don't share apps or have threesomes; our dalliances are solo affairs and that works for us.

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Kara arranged herself in various poses to to make the most of her incredible gym-honed physique, and appeared to have a whale of a time as she laughed with her friend.

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Ms May ramped up the rhetoric earlier this week when she claimed Mr Juncker would see she is “a bloody difficult woman” – referring to a comment made about her by former Justice Secretary Ken Clarke during her brief leadership campaign last summer.

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I love to kiss and witty and intelligent conversations win! If you have rage issues...emotionally damaged or are absolutely nuts.....please do not reach out to me.